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Twitter can be an effective and powerful tool to use if you want to stand out and really get the right attention from prospective clients. Below are 5 ways you can use Twitter to differentiate yourself and brand from what everyone else is doing. These techniques can even be used for attracting the media, influencing the influencer and building your following. Apply these techniques regularly and overtime you will see your social selling results literally double!


You have probably heard the saying, ‘fortune is in the follow-up’ but why not take it a step further? Calling a potential client after your initial meeting is key in the sales process, but it is also mediocre. Bump it up a notch and reach out to your prospect on Twitter.


Simply reach out with a thoughtful tweet. Perhaps send them an article that ties into a topic you discussed with them. Even a simple, “great to meet you today, I look forward to continuing our conversation” will set you apart from other potential suitors. Be sure to also follow-up with your traditional email and/or phone call so you can provide all your contact information.

Tweet Your Prospect Congratulations

Has your prospect made the news? Tweet them a congratulations with a link to the publication. Many times professionals don’t even know they made the news, especially in local trade pieces, so bringing it to their attention will be even more valuable.

Retweet Their Newsworthy Tweets

Keep an eye out for press releases they might have published announcing a new product launch or signing a new client. Tweet them congratulations and retweet their announcement.

Email a Link to Your Twitter Account

Be sure to send along a link to your Twitter account and let them know you frequently tweet out content on a topic they are interested in. If you are an SEO expert, this is a great way to stand out from all the other SEO experts. Bring them into your community while feeding them incredible, mouth-watering content that will confirm you are the expert in your field!

Invite Your Prospects to a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats are one of the best ways to connect your community, offer information on a sought after topic and engage like a ninja. Hosting a Twitter chat will most definitely establish you as an Influencer with your prospects and active clients.

Not comfortable hosting your own Twitter Chat? Invite them to a Twitter Chat and attend with them virtually. Find a chat that will offer your prospective client tremendous value, and invite them. Prior to the chat you can even send them 5-10 Twitter tips that can help a beginner. Make sure the chat is of value to them so they know your intentions are to consider their best interest.

Every week, Twitter continues to make the news with new features, explosive interactions among Twitter accounts and basic speculations from analysts. As long as Twitter keeps making the news and producing more ways to use their services, there will be a place for business professionals to market their prospective clients.


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